TEAM USA Rochester NY

1 Alves Deven A Canandaigua
2 Brooks Ian M Rochester
5 Davies Gary D Orchard Park
6 Dupra Joe D Pittsford
7 Hinderland Jack A Webster
8 Kehoe Derek M Black River
9 Love Alex A Geneva
10 Martin Ryan D Ontario
11 McLiverty Justin D Pittsford
12 Messina Michael M Webster
15 Needham Shawn D Hamburg
16 Noto Pete M Webster
17 Ryan Churchvville Chili
21 Thompson Tylon A Hogansburg
22 Tomeno Kenny M Webster
23 Trombley Adam A Penn Yan injured absent
24 Varn Torin A Ithaca
25 White Tyler G Elmira Heights
3- Hakeem Lecky (Duxbury, MA/Rochester, NY)
14 - James Purpura (Pittsford, NY)
17 - Ryan Yunker (Churchville, NY)

Deven Alves led the Rochester team in total points with 9 (7 goals, 2 assists) while Hakeem Lecky and Ryan Yunker each posted 7 points. Jack Hinderland achieved 6 points (5 goals, 1 assist) as Torin Varn tossed in 6 goals.
Mark Cockerton led Ontario with 9 points (8 goals, 1 assist) including his 5 goal effort in game two and Nathan White had a total of 8 points (3 goals, 5 assists). David Lintner contributed to Ontario's efforts with 7 points (4 goals, 3 assists) and Reilly O'Connor tacked on 6 goals of his own.
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