Cindy Noël Alves of Canandaigua NY      Email: [email protected]

Photography Bio

Born and raised in the Finger Lakes of New York. I started shooting sporting events in the late 90's. Self taught in the art of photography. I specialize in lifestyle shoots as well as landscape, portraits, travel and sports.

My Photography career began on the sidelines at high school sports then to the sidelines of men's collegiate lacrosse., including covering National Championships. My photos were regularly published in the Inside Lacrosse Magazine, (2010-15), featured on ESPNU TV, made the cover of the Inside Lacrosse Calendar (2014). In 2015, I was a finalist in the Finger Lakes Magazine Photo Contest. I still love to capture the intensity, the drive, the emotions of “The Game” but as my knowledge of photography has evolved and grown, my passion has shifted to the artistic side of photography which includes exploring landscapes and portraits. With the beauty of the Finger Lakes all around me, I never lack for inspiration. Traveling regularly to Key West has expanded my artistic repertoire greatly, allowing the deepening of my knowledge and skills.


My Artist Statement

This world is adorned with such beauty. It is that beauty that energizes, calms, elates and nourishes our beings.  My photography is a medium through which to experience, to remember, and to share that beauty. Exploring the camera as an extension of my vision, has enhanced my sense of beauty. Heightening my awareness to the constantly changing interaction of shapes and angles, shadows and lighting, drama and delicacies which makes up the natural world. The world is full of surprises, which most are too busy or blind to notice in the daily grind. The camera allows me to capture the moment and the emotions and to share it with others.

Sometimes I’m drawn to capture a portrait of a place, knowing that the resulting image is the product of a fortuitous event that most likely will never be repeated.  At other times, the focus of my lens is the energy and emotion of the people crossing my path. I strive to create images that link us to feelings and perceptions we may not access regularly in our daily lives. Some may say some of my work is haunting or lonely, but it's really an inner peace. I feel it’s those moments that so many are missing.  

My goal is to inspire those who see my work to look more carefully at our surroundings, to find the beauty in the quiet moments, unusual places and the characters that we may just walk by everyday and ignore.