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NIKE NYS Shootout 2009
held @ Henniger High School
was held in place of NYS Empire State Games

RochesterRoster (Section 5) Coach Eric Carlsen 1-Adam Trombley/Penn Yan 2-Brendan Saylor/Fairport 4-Deven Alves/Canandaigua 5-Tucker Nelson/Penfield 6-Martin Manilla/Fairport 7-Jack Hinderland/Webster Thomas 8-Austin Gorman/Aquinas 9-Chris Button/Fairport 10-JT Hauck/Webster Thomas 11-Drew Hays/Fairport 12-Gannon Osborn/Canandaigua 13-Kenny Tomeno/Webster Thomas 14-Pete Noto/Webster Schroeder 15-Mike Warner/Geneva 16-James Cunningham/Fairport 17-Spencer Wright/Fairport 18-Kyle Stanney/Canandaigua 19-Matt George/Canandaigua 20-Justin McLiverty/Pittsford 21-Joe Dupra/Pitsford 22-Ted Knowles/Fairport 23-Nick King/Canandaigua 24-Scott Tota/WebsterSchroederGame 1: Rochester(Black) lost 7-8 to Suffolk(Dk Blue)Game 2: Rochester(Black) beat Nassau(Red) 9-7Game 3: Rochester (Black)to Central(Baby Blue)7-9